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Our Dream

Owning an animal should be a privilege and our dream is that in the future one would have to be deemed fit and proper to be able to be a guardian to a companion animal. The purchase of a cat, dog, guinea pig, mouse or rabbit (never birds, they are meant to be flying free) will be looked upon in a very serious manner.

Only certain people will be allowed to breed the animals to sell to the public and ownership of an animal will be like winning the lottery.

June Bird

June Bird

June is a founding member of Say No. She hopes that many people will be made aware of the plight of the many hundreds of thousands of abandoned and abused animals that need good homes, and she prays that puppy farms and backyard breeders are soon put out of business.

June has been a director of Animal Liberation NSW and has been a fundraiser for them since 1988. She is a dedicated animal rights activist and her love and respect for all animals knows no bounds.

"I encourage you to join this campaign. Please download the SAY NO to Animals in Pet Shops leaflet and distribute them wherever you can. We always need to fight for the animals. We are their voice."