Don't Buy Animals From Pet Shops!

Resist the temptation to buy that gorgeous kitten or puppy in the window. Because this lucrative pet shop market exists in Australia, backyard breeders and "puppy farms" who supply to pet shops continue to churn out more and more poor puppies and kittens, much to the detriment of the animals.

Approximately 130,000 dogs and 60,000 cats are killed at pounds every year. Unbelievable, eh?

The practice of selling animals from pet shops promotes impulse buying and irresponsible breeding for profit. Please help us to stop it. We already have far too many dogs and cats without homes.

Our Mission At Say No Is To:

  • Educate all potential pet owners why they shouldn't buy their companion animals from pet shops
  • Lobby Federal and State Government to ban the sale of animals in pet shops

Cute, small breeds are always put in pet shop windows to attract children and impulsive buyers. Pet shop owners are interested in making money, after all, they are running a business. They are not primarily concerned with educating their buyers in properly caring for their new pets or in taking responsibility for their well-being.

And so, new owners go home and soon realise that owning a pet is not all fun or as easy as they thought. Many abandon their pets when the novelty wears off, and these gorgeous little puppies and kittens are now homeless in a pound awaiting a death sentence. Of course not all pound dogs and cats were originally bought from pet shops and discarded, but based on discussions with pounds and rescue centres, observing the breeds that predominate in shelters and statistical logic, it is obvious that many were.

Because this pet shop market exists in Australia, backyard breeders and "puppy farms" continue to churn out more and more poor puppies and kittens, whilst thousands are being killed at the pounds every year.

We would like to thank Royal Oak Pet Clinic for all their support. For more infomation on how they can help with your Veterinary Services in Victoria BC check out thier website.

Stop and think...

Imagine the conditions under which this puppy's mother lives. She is breeding non-stop to make unscrupulous breeders rich! This is the daily suffering pet shop owners either do not understand or do not want you to see. How to solve this problem? The answer is quite simple - you can make a difference and help in several ways. Read more...


It's hard to pick up a magazine or turn on a television these days without encountering the incredible Susie Elelman.

Radio broadcaster, TV presenter and now bestselling author, Susie has graced our screens on such shows as Good Morning Australia, Hinch and Beauty and the Beast. She has written for numerous magazines, from Womans Day to Image Magazine and can be heard regularly on Stan Zemanek's popular radio show on 2UE.

We are thrilled to welcome such a respected and informed celebrity onboard and we thank Susie for her fantastic work in passionately spreading the Say No message.